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My name is Mike, and I'm the grader for cs177 for the Fall 2002 quarter.

If you have questions about your grade, talk to your TA during his office hours.

To get to me, send e-mail to kirbysdl@cs.ucsb.edu.
(If you're wondering, it's short for Kirby's Dream Land, the best video game ever made.)

Grader policy

I wrote a lot more than I intended to on your papers for Homework 1. Writing the same thing 60 times makes my hand tired and hurts your eyes (yeah it's messy) so in the future I'll write stuff on this site instead.


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Homework 1 Notes  Oct 16, 2002  67.9/80  "Good!" 
Homework 2 Notes  Oct 21, 2002  34.7/40  L337 5p34k *
Homework 3 Notes  Oct 30, 2002  47.1/50  <-- Kirby
Homework 4 Notes  Nov 4, 2002  8.4/12  A happy red star
Homework 5 Notes  Nov 18, 2002  48.5/70  <-- More Kirbage
Homework 6 Notes  Dec 5, 2002  50.5/60  I tried to draw a cow's head. sigh...
Homework 7 will not be graded  --/--  --

* Grading papers isn't absolute torture, but it's not the most fun in the world. I wanna have a little fun, hence stupid comments like "r0x0r," "l337," and whatnot on high-scoring papers. Don't worry: I'm serious when it comes to the actual grading.

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