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D R E A M   L A N D
Welcome to Dream Land at UCSB.

Saturday, June 14th, 2003

This is going to be the last update on this site for a while, if not forever. I'm graduating from UCSB for the second time in two years tomorrow! Whee.

Thanks to all of my friends, profs, advisors, and random strangers that have made my experience here memorable. I'm going to miss UCSB, but it's the people that I will miss the most. Thanks for all the good times (and the cell phones)! Aww, now I feel all mushy inside.

This site will be up for as long as the CS department lets me keep my account. For those of you interested in my Master's Thesis, the document as well as the powerpoint slides are available here (check out the last slide).

Best wishes to all of you!

Current Mood:Ambivalent
Current Music:The Verve -- Bittersweet Symphony

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  • CS178 (Spring 2003)
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  • CS178 (Spring 2002)

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  • CS595 Intrusion detection systems
  • CS240b distributed f00

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