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Remember: show your work! Staple your papers!

Part 1
Most of you did very well and got 40 points. If you didn't, look over the homework solutions and try to understand the algorithms.

In number 2, it is not sufficient to end with 701. 701 is the result of a computation involving both the plaintext and the knapsack, but the question asks for the plaintext as the answer. Either a binary or decimal value was sufficient.

Part 2
Again, show your work! Those who didn't mention anything about part 2 on the written submission still got points if they sent e-mail to kemm@cs from a cracked account, but got no partial credit for the other accounts. Those who not only tried relevant password guesses but described their attempts and gave examples tended to receive more partial credit.

A few our you noticed the Litswd is an acronym for Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

Home > CS177 > Homework 5