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Problem 5.1
The big problem here was thinking that compartments would have no effect. They do, but the effect is undesired.

Problem 5.7
no notes

Problem 6.2
Many people thought i(S) < i(O) in order for the level of the subject to not change. In fact it's i(S) <= i(O).

Problem 6.3
no notes

Problem 6.7
Separation of Duty does NOT mean you only get the resources necessary to perform your tasks. It means that critical tasks should be performed by more than one person when it takes more than 1 step.

Problem 6.13
The expected solution was to map the problem to the undecidable halting problem through a formal proof. Most other proof techniques got many points since I graded this rather leniently.

Home > CS177 > Homework 6